Immigration Evaluations

Immigration evaluations are assessments conducted by qualified and licensed mental health professionals to evaluate an individual's mental and emotional well-being in the context of immigration proceedings with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS"). These evaluations are used for various purposes, including:

Political Asylum or Refugee Claims: To assess the psychological impact of persecution, trauma, or violence experienced in the individual's home country, which may be crucial evidence in support of their claim for protection and in appeals.

601 Extreme Hardship Waivers: In certain immigration processes, applicants may need to demonstrate extreme hardship to qualifying relatives if they are denied entry or deported. A mental health / psychosocial evaluation can be used to establish the emotional impact of separation or relocation on family members.

VAWA Self Petitions: Victims of domestic violence may undergo mental health / psychosocial evaluations to provide evidence of the emotional and mental consequences of the abuse suffered.

Cancellation of Removal or Deportation: Non-permanent residents facing deportation or removal may need to present evidence of their positive moral character and the adverse psychological consequences of being deported or removed from the US.

The evaluation process includes interviews, standardized tests, and a review of relevant documentation. The results and findings are then documented in a comprehensive report that can be submitted as objective and supportive expert evidence in the immigration case or appeals process.

Along with the representation of an Immigration Attorney who will ensure an understanding of the process and will present the necessary evidence effectively, a mental health psychosocial evaluation can significantly benefit the outcome of the immigration process.

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