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Image of Lilliam Martell Lilliam Martell, LMHC, is a bilingual (English & Spanish) Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Miami, Florida and a Florida Bar Registered Paralegal, specializing in Immigration Evaluations for Political Asylum, 601 Extreme Hardship Waiver, VAWA, Cancelation of Deportation or Removal, Visas, petitions, appeals, and defense cases. Evaluations are also performed for family and custody cases, and personal injury cases.  

I have completed specialized evaluation trainings with the National Board of Forensic Evaluators, Physicians for Human Rights and as a Paralegal for the past 17+ years, I have the vast knowledge to gather and thoroughly document detailed information to be used as expert supporting evidence.  I collaborate with attorneys and their paralegals to prepare comprehensive and well-founded evaluations for Courts. 

Mental Health/Psychosocial Evaluations for immigration cases have proven to bridge the gap between mental health and legal matters.  A detailed evaluation will bring to life the story and impacts of the JOURNEY, which will serve as a valuable piece of evidence in immigration cases, while under the guidance of a professional counselor.  

Forced to migrate to the United States is a major life event, which brings profound and complex effects on individuals' and families' physical and mental health, let alone having to retell your story in the presence of an adjudicator.

Why I specialized in Immigration Evaluations?  Being an immigrant myself, Cuban-born and raised in Miami since the age of three, and having personally experienced my parents' struggles with the labyrinth of immigration and acculturation during the 1980's, taught me first-hand of the challenges and obstacles immigrants face in the United States. Following an unguided path in the education system, while working in the legal field since the age of eighteen, I, with much effort earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Forensic Psychology, from Nova South Eastern University.  It was then clear to me that I needed to pursue a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, which I earned from Carlos Albizu University in 2012.  

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